Top 10 Sales Tech Stack

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Top 10 Sales Tech Stack propelling my bd advisory and sales improvement business right now:

Tech Stack

When reading “Pivot to the Future” during March 2020 the 7 pillars of disruption with one being had a major impact on structuring my way of thinking with one challenging me the most: “technology propelled”.

Applying that for my business meant to reflect on how I can propel a) any client engagement and b) internal workflows through technology and thereby create efficiencies, improve and differentiate UX to ultimately drive customer success in sales coaching & learning as well as business development advisory for our partners across EMEA.

After a period of research and experimenting with the various platforms and applying a “beginners mindset”, I want to share with you my (current) to 10 sales tech stack:

10 sales tech stack

  1. Vidyard
  • Video sharing, embedding, tracking
  1. Hightail
  • File share and partial collaboration
  1. Slidebean
  • Impactful decks inspired by the unicorn
  1. Venngage
  • Infographics and visuals ideal for roadmaps, summaries
  1. Calendly
  • Automating scheduling with multiple stakeholders involved
  1. Anchor
  • Podcast recording
  1. MSFT Teams  / Zoom / Google Meet (good for low-bandwith countries) / GoToWebinar
  2. Slack
  • (great for informal triggers and reinforcement when retained by client for longer mandate)
  1. Shutterstock
  • Perfect selection of images to make decks look inspiring and impactful
  1. Quickbooks
  • Accounting & invoicing app
tech stack
All of those and more, cloudified by MSFT, GOOGL and AAPL.

powerful side effects

Throughout this process of research and experimentation, I realized the following 2 powerful side effects:

  1. The more you learn and explore, the more you realize what is out there and want to learn more
  2. The (self)development along this process is something that can be shared with customers and solidify your role as partner and advisor, truly practicing @Rain Group’s “Educate with new Ideas & Perspectives.

Continuing the process of continuous innovation, the next steps on the horizon will be about enabling crypto payments through either BitPay, Binance, Kraken or another platform and a further improved email automation and engagement tool.

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Tech Stack 3.0

Thank you for reading

Thank you for reading and I hope this has been useful for you. Please do feel free to share any other platforms your recommend that can help to “technology propel” the business. If you would like any further advise on “how to use” or which subscription works best, please do feel free to DM 24/7 🙏🏽.

Thank You to all the Tech Leaders and Innovators out there, improving our lives and businesses through …aaS innovations everyday