Sales Force Performance Growth

Improving sales efficiency, collaboration and productivity to serve as our clients’ competitive advantage. On-boarding, re-training or up-skilling to align teams consistently driving sustainable results through laser-focus and agility.

Action learning live workshops globally

Co-creating concept and engagement roadmap for your Commercial- and Leadership Development program. We facilitate interactive workshops as integral part of a multi-faceted development-, communication-, and collaboration plan for your team. Since 2015, we have helped our clients in more than 30 countries across EMEA to deliver performance- and growth-mindset summits that ignite momentum of growth, boost motivation and serve as platform of change and transformation.

  • Regional Sales Kick Off’s (SKOs)
  • Annual Strategy Leadership Summits
  • Quarterly Regional Commercial Meetings

Virtual training & business coaching

From classroom to cloud. Remotely empowering commercial- and professional development globally, through a variety of platforms and solutions that enable growth for business development experts who are permanently “on the go” and executives working remotely around the globe.

Be it in group environment or one to one, we co-design bespoke virtual coaching programs applied through a high-energy, multimodal engagement cadence across the development journey.

Virtual Sales Training

Online Assessments

Professional assessment tools geared towards enhancing self-awareness and accelerating performance development for the individual, resulting in improved productivity and impact for the business. Applied to optimize strategic planning- and resource allocation, improved collaboration across multiple teams both remote and on-site as well as a recruitment validation- and onboarding support. Through our inclusive ecosystem of partners, we provide a range of assessments that evaluate: behaviour, motivators, competency, emotional intelligence and acumen on individual and team dashboards.

  • OMG’s Rainmaker Assessment
  • TTI Success Insights
Assessment Image

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